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María Blanca tells us about her Higher Self and about the opening of one of the sub-portals of the place.

Vincent. Entering the portal, awakening.

Mariosa, describe your experience at The Torah Project. Portals, beings, communication, UFO's.

To The Torah Project from Tibet. Interview with Lama Lhanang Rinpoche.

Incredible experience of Alex Slucki in The Torah Project on aliens and much more..

Gabriel tells us about extraterrestrial races with various languages ​​and scripts in The Torah Project.

José María and his experience in The Torah Project. I left.

José María and his experience in The Torah Project. Part II.

Miguel enters the Intraterrestrial World, receives a healing technique and sees beings on the Central Square.

Gaby Valencia witnessing and receiving various extraterrestrial messages when the Portal opens.

Mario; the Merkaba, the ship and the extraterrestrial beings in the place.

Mary White. Micro levitation, molecular breaking and penetration of his hands in the monoliths.

Stones that communicate, presence of beings, UFO's in the sky, what is all this magic?

Nicholas Niglia. UFOs, Beings, Initiation, Stargate. Incredible his experience opening Portal.

Sandra in the company of her sons Dalai, Dalí and Zeus experience different sensations.

Byron Romero recounts his experience in The Torah Project. I left
Byron Romero in The Torah Project. part II
Ricardo Sautto. Comments that T the Torah Project is an accelerator of consciousness to meditate.
The researcher Fernando Correa narrates his experience within The Torah Project
Susana Thompson lives an incredible experience in The Torah Project. Mexico
Comedian Memo Ríos visits The Torah Project.
Juan. Visitor from Chile.
Amazing feminine sensibility feeling the power of Sacred Geometry.
Alex and Chela Lora.
UFO UFO above Torah Project, UFO , Merkaba open and spinning or Dimensional Portal Opening?