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Guest Coupon

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To access as a guest and free of charge, you will have to present your book in the format Printed: The Mission: The Torah Project. This one has a guest coupon for a single access, which will be removed from the book when you arrive at the Área 33, you will hand it in and fill out a small form with your information before accessing.

By accessing the venue within the guest coupon entry plan; The hours will be from 9.00:17 a.m. to 00:09 p.m.; only from Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays from 00:12 am to 00:XNUMX pm. Does not apply to holidays.

Important: Remember that if you enter this access status by guest coupon, you will have to physically carry the printed book in either of its two formats, so your coupon will be withdrawn at the entrance.

Coupons presented without the book will not be valid; in the same way, the books that do not present the coupons, will not be able to access as guests.

We recommend you read, understand and feel the book before going to the place and make the most of your guest coupon, since the keys come in the book and it explains what to do and how to activate the various geometries of the place for your energy benefit.

We remind you that this place is Private Property closed to the public. We do not charge admission; it's by invitation only. Whoever tries to sell you an Entry Ticket is committing fraud. We distance ourselves from this type of probable crime.


Premium visit

The Premium Visit does have a cost. Cost that is for the hiring of your guide, who is trained to take you by the hand inside The Torah Project, but not to enter the place. The entrance with your Premium visit is a guest.

You will be able to choose between different people to take as your Torah Master; valuing their experience, the cost of their services, their empathy and their availability.

This visit is designed, mainly, for those who have already read the book: "The Mission: The Torah Project", or, for those who consider themselves to have an advanced level in spirituality or contact with Non-Human entities. The Premium Visit is for profiles that have a deep connection with the beings of the stars, with their inner Self, with some of the multiple dimensions, with the subtle or those who have a spiritual profile of light in their path. It can also work with those who could not have a previous preparation, but are open in their hearts, but not in their minds. But it is highly recommended to have read the aforementioned book, to enter more prepared and learn about the history of the place and its scope.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Torah Master they have a very specific training done by Felipe Blancott, based on the protocol that the beings of the stars informed him, he is the author of the book and the channeler of The Torah Project. The teachings were about how this entrance to the place should be to penetrate the highest vibrations and how the portals of each of the geometries that emanate from the place could be opened.

We insist on this: Read and if necessary, study the book so that you reinforce your knowledge of The Torah Project.

It is necessary that you remember that these visits, being private, only have the cost of the advisor called by us: Torah Master, and that the entrance to the place does not have a cost, since when hiring the private services of your guide, it gives you direct access as a Premium Guest.

This is only done by appointment via email with whoever you have chosen as your guide. They are guided tours by specialists with high spiritual preparation and with a path of light on this plane. They and they are the Torah Master. People who have visited the place multiple times and have had incredible connections; they and they will take you on a tour of The Torah Project and you will be able to live unimaginable experiences.

We insist on this: We recommend that you read and, where appropriate, study the book so that you reinforce your knowledge of The Torah Project and achieve an unforgettable experience.